Injustice made Legal : Deuteronomic Law and the Plight of Widows, Strangers, and Orphans in Ancient Israel (Bible in Its World (Paperback))

The scriptural laws dealing with widows, strangers, and orphans are conventionally viewed as rules meant to aid the plight of vulnerable persons in ancient Israelite society. In Injustice Made Legal Harold V. Bennett challenges this perspective, arguing instead that key sanctions found in Deuteronomy were actually drafted by a powerful elite to enhance their own material condition and keep the peasantry down." Building his case on a careful analysis of life in the ancient world and on his understanding of critical law theory, Bennett views Deuteronomic law through the eyes of the needy in Israelite society. His unique approach uncovers the previously neglected link between politico-economic interests and the formulation of law. The result is a new understanding of law in the Hebrew Bible and the ways it worked to support and maintain the dehumanization of widows, strangers, and orphans in the biblical community.

Bible Lessons for Techies : Thriving In Your Relationship with God Through a Technology Lens

This series of Lessons is designed to enrich the spiritual lives of all people by using Technology as the lens through which we can read the Word. From the GPS, Virus Protectors and Programming, this book connects several Technology-based principles that give the reader insights into how those principles have a strong Biblical basis and the rich lessons they teach us about life. It's time to thrive in your relationship with God by studying the Word with new insights! Each engaging lesson contains a Brief Scriptural Background, A Techie Connection, Godly Principles, Reflection and Discussion Questions, as well as a Prayer for Growth and Connection. It also has Tips for Youth and Bible Study Leaders to guide them in how to use this book in their classes. Take the Tech Journey through the Bible!