Pentecost 4 Life identifies, provides, recommends, and creates radio broadcasts, print and digital materials, and other programs that help a person appreciate God, the move of the Spirit, and the life of the mind.

Radio and Livestream Broadcast

The Pentecost 4 Life Broadcast airs Wednesdays from 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM; WAEC Love 860 AM Listen to the show on your SMART Phone by downloading the TuneIn App and iHeart Radio App. You, too, can listen via the web at You can watch the broadcast live Wednesdays on Facebook (the Page is Pentecost for Life).

The Pentecost 4 Life YouTube Channel

The Pentecost 4 Life Ministry provides on demand short videos, lectures, and classes which can help personal spiritual growth in regards to matters relating to God, personal and character values, and principles.

eLearning and In-Person Workshops

The Pentecost 4 Life Ministry provides programs and classes which can help personal spiritual development and professional growth. Registration for these workshops and classes is necessary. These items are The Pentecost 4 Life Workshop Series and The Pentecost 4 Life eLearning Institutes. These items and the procedure for enrolling in these workshops and classes will appear in the “Events” section of the Pentecost 4 Life webpage.

The GIST of the Matter Blog

This component of the ministry offers a brief, spiritual commentary, reflection, and opinion on social, economic, political, and religious issues in our societies. A Page on Facebook accompanies this Blog (The GIST of the Matter with Dr. Bennett).


This component of the ministry provides print materials, published by Dr. Harold Bennett or Dr. Valerie Bennett, to enhance personal spiritual development, the consciousness of God, and the move of the Spirit of God in the world. This part of the ministry will feature The Teaching Priest Series, Bible Lessons for Techies, Injustice Made Legal, and other books by the Bennetts.