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To provide a set of teaching and service programs to the community, which appreciates the Word of God, builds family, connects the generations, and encourages wellness, while positioning people to be effective Spirit-filled testimonies in a postmodern world.

Harold V. Bennett received a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion and Ethics from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He has published books, commentaries, and several articles on issues in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament studies and Ethics. Some of these publications are the following: Injustice Made Legal, (Eerdmans Publishing Company); 'Triennial Tithes and the Underdog: A Revisionist Reading of Deut 14:22-29 and 26:12-15." This article appears in Yet With A Steady Beat (Scholars’ Press); “Justice” which appears in the New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible (Abingdon Press); an article on Deuteronomy, which appears in the Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity (Cambridge University Press); and a brief Commentary on Deuteronomy, which appears in The Africana Bible Commentary (Fortress Press). Dr. Bennett is an Elder in the Church of God in Christ. >>

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